Applying to the IGERT training program

This is a 5-year training program that leads to a Graduate Certificate in Neurobiology of Language. There are two levels of participation: Fellows and Associates. Both are full Trainees, though the fellowships provide additional NSF funding.

Fellows receive a $30,000 NSF stipend for 2 years followed by full support at normal departmental levels for 3 years. Fellows also have access to funding for international research internships and an NSF innovation incentive fund for research and other innovative activities. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for IGERT Fellowships.

Associates receive full funding for 5 years at normal departmental levels. They have access to a UConn-funded innovation incentive fund. Otherwise, Fellows and Associates are both full Trainees and participants in the training program, with access to faculty, facilities, and events. There is no citizenship or residency requirement to be an IGERT Associate; international students are eligible.

How to apply

  1. First, check out the participating Ph.D. programs:
  2. The next step is to get in contact with potential advisors to discuss the possibility of applying to the Ph.D. program and to the IGERT training program. In general, applicants will be notified of whether they are accepted as an IGERT fellow at the same time that they are notifed about acceptance into their Ph.D. program.
  3. Then your potential advisor must nominate you for (a) IGERT Associate Trainee status and (b) an IGERT Fellowship.

Nomination and admissions procedures for faculty

Download the nomination form.