Welcome to the UConn Language Plasticity IGERT

  • In his submission to the 2013 IGERT Video and Poster competition, trainee Russell Richie describes his work on using computational models and data from naturally emerging languages to understand the role of social network structure on the emergence of language.

  • Over dinner during J-Term 2013, IGERT faculty member Marie Coppola delivered a talk on her research into how homesign and Nicaraguan Sign Language reveal both language emergence, and the relationship between language and cognition.

  • The same etiological context can result in disparate phenotypes, and a single trait can result from different contexts, due to complex, many-to-many mappings from genes to intermediate (neurobiological, cognitive) and behavioral phenotypes. Understanding this organism-environment system requires the multi-level, multi-population, and multi-species approach our IGERT community takes.

The Language Plasticity IGERT is an interdisciplinary training program funded by the NSF designed to foster research and graduate training across cognitive (linguistics, psychology, communication disorders) and biological (behavioral and molecular neuroscience and genetics) approaches to language research. To learn more, download the full proposal, or read our Vision.

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